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    Dedalus New in Navigators

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    Dedalus New in Navigators

    Post by Dedalus on Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:20 pm

    Hi All.
    Sorry for my English.

    My name is Harris.
    Location Athens Greece.
    Age 52
    Exp in Lineage 12 years.
    Servers e-clobal, kosmos Bartz (6 years) (dont like)
    I play all the chars but i,m not so good in pvp.
    I start with my friend in Dex today, i see that you are here so if you like to join replie my post or mail me.
    Big exp in spoil craft raids buffers fighters nukers ect.
    Normaly i make about 10 chars and also i make a clan for the buffers and dwarfs Clan name RadioActive
    i like very much cp and i make also clan chars, buffers bishops who clan can use, i give access if i m not in game.
    More info if your interest just call me.
    Today i make char Dedalus in dex Bishop starting to play.
    Hope see you.

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