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    Clan Rules


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    Clan Rules Empty Clan Rules

    Post by Default Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:54 am

    1. General

    1. Age
    NaviGatoS requires a minimum age of 18 years old for admittance into the clan.
    No person under 18 years of age may join the clan or the TeamSpeak (TS) server. Only clan leaders have the authority to make exceptions.

    2. Behaviour
    Be respectful towards your fellow gamers.
    Also the young/new ones, we too were one day new to gaming and had to learn the ropes. Offensive, hurfull and discriminating content of any kind will not be tolerated. Be patient, helful and objective.
    Ofcourse swearing is allowed as long as it is within sensible limits.

    3. Multiple Clans
    As long as you are a part of the NaviGatoS clan you are not permitted to join another clan.
    In the case it comes to our attention you are in violation, there is a possibility you will be immediately expelled.

    4. Active participation
    As a member of our clan you are expected to play with the clan and to be connected to TS.
    If for some reason you are unable to do so please inform the clan admin or your party leader.
    If we have not heard from you for some time there is a good chance you will be expelled without further notice.

    5. Inactivity
    Make a post on the forum if you think you will be inactive for a longer time. If you do not show any signs of life for a month you will be kicked.

    2 Teamspeak

    1. Presence
    We expect every NaviGatoS member to use our TS server when gaming. This is both for better communication as it is for sociability and teambuilding.
    Of course you can game on your own but we need active members so if this happens to often you will be issued a warning.
    If you don’t want to join teamspeak then we ask why you would join a clan.

    2. Push-to-Talk
    When using TS we advise the use of Push-to-Talk, Voice activation is also allowed as long as there is not too much background noise.
    We do not want to hear complaining parents or the constant ringing or phones for example.

    3. Language
    If there are non-Greek peoples on Teamspeak speak in English, that everybody understand the conversation.

    3 Forum Rules

    1. Right direction
    Place all the threads in the right topic. this is easier for all of us.

    2. Active forum
    Stay active on the forum, and welcome the new guys.

    3. Post
    If you post something post it in English.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and understand the standards here. As you can see they are meant to ensure the respectful and peaceful environment of our community for all of our members. Administration has gone through great lengths to compose these standards and continues to work to ensure that they are enforced so we appreciate your cooperation on maintaining the Clan Standard.

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