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    Application Empty Application

    Post by Bazakos Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:37 pm

    Basic character information-
    Name: Baz or Bazakos
    Class: Elemental Summoner or Arcana Lord or EE not decided yet
    What's your experience playing this class: ES played for 4 months... others havent played yet
    3rd class/sub class status: Not decide
    Equipment: -
    Secondary characters: Spoil and maybe crafter

    -Personal information-
    Age: 27
    Location: Greece
    Time zone: GMT +2
    Gender: Male
    How many hours per day are you online on lineage: 2 ++ ( has to do if work or not )

    Previous Clans : ShowTime, GreekArmy
    Reason for leaving: -
    How long have you played Lineage: From 16 years old
    What other servers have you played: Eglobal, Archon, BnB , L2 Neon

    Do you have TeamSpeak(TS): I can downloaded
    Do you have a working microphone: I have laptop with Micro on

    Do you know anyone in NaviGatoS that can recommend you: Νο
    Extra comments (optional): One friend gonna start also with me .. and maybe 2 more after some time
    I'm random and solo player ( or play with real life friends )
    I want join cause of greek clan and have some1 to speak and make parties rb etc thinks
    i like organised things

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    Application Empty Re: Application

    Post by Default Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:10 am

    Im looking for a space to fit in my friend sorry for the delay answer.

    You have nice history but your gaming time i think is not enough stay in touch tho.
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    Newbie Member

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    Age : 35
    Location : Μηλος

    Application Empty Re: Application

    Post by Bazakos Thu Apr 02, 2015 2:34 am

    Yes sometimes gonna play a lot some not ... not specific hour game play per day!
    I know is difficult for join clan and thats the reason i havent join a lot of clans in my lineage play history lol!
    I gonna be online at start of server so if needed us pm Baz or Bazakos for discussing online

    Have a nice game and have fun ! cheers

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    Application Empty Re: Application

    Post by Sponsored content

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